Sheikh Zayed Business Park

El-Sheikh Zayed City, Cairo, Egypt

Sheikh Zayed Business Park is situated in the heart of Sheikh Zayed city, one of the new residential areas developed at the outskirts of Cairo.

Sites International consulted to develop the master plan for this mixed use development and complete landscape design for the development’s primary spine, main square, and full services in architecture and landscape architecture for the Central Park.  The development is a premier business park of retail destinations with world class offices including a conference hall, an art & culture center as well as hotel and spa, and luxurious residential areas that all join to provide efficient services to the community of Sheikh Zayed City of over 400,000 inhabitants.  The development is interwoven with a network of parks and linear open spaces, the proximity and connectivity of which provide the users with a variety of options for moving within the development facilitated with the devotion of about 51% of the total area to open space. The master plan goal is to maximize energy efficiency and conservation by utilizing building orientation and massing and by using high-performance materials and systems including solar panels set within a design that fully integrates all functionalities of the compound.

The 65 acre Central Park is a magnet for the new development and for the city at large, a first in a non gated community, offering a tranquility haven to all. The park’s splendor presents spectacular vantage points for the business areas and residential clusters. It offers dramatic combination of plantings, shading trees, comfortable pedestrian amenities, traversed by pathways along the most scenic water features of the park’s lagoon and linear streams that culminate in a variety of soothing fountain styles. Sites International will be managing site engineering and supervision for the Park, a destination that will create a new lifestyle for Sheikh Zayed city.


El-Sheikh Zayed City, Cairo, Egypt
New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA)
150 Acres
Commercial / Mixed Use
Parks & Recreation
Landscape Arch.
Master Planning
Project Management / Site Supervision
Urban Planning


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