Make a Difference.

Sites International is in search of bright and motivated professionals to join our growing multi-disciplinary consulting firm. We offer complete consultancy services to a variety of international, national, and local clients in various markets.

We are committed to recruiting and retaining qualified staff who can support our clients effectively. We invite you to explore how you can make your mark within Sites International  network of team members, clients and communities where we work.

New Vacancies as of April 2021 :

  • For landscape site supervision projects, SITES INTERNATIONAL is hiring:
    * Project Manager
    * Deputy Project Manager
    * Sr. Landscape Architect
    * Sr. Architect
    * Sr. Structure
    * Jr. Landscape Architect
    * Senior Quantity Surveyor
    * Sr. Electrical Engineer
    * Sr. Infrastructure Engineer
    * Electromechanical  Engineer
    * Sr. Electrical (Low Current)
    * Sr. MEP Engineer (Water Features & Lakes)
    * Jr. MEP Engineer
    * Sr. Irrigation
    * Horticulturist
    * Surveyor
    * Document Controller
  • Structural Supervision Engineer

    A well-qualified structural Supervision engineer with seven years’ experience

  • Agricultural Engineers

    Experience: 8-10 years                  Starting Date: NOW

    The responsibilities include quality implementation of all agricultural operations, work follow up, and participation in determining the requirements for carrying out agricultural operations.

  • Irrigation Engineers

    Experience: 8-10 years                  Starting Date: NOW

    Responsibilities include operation management of irrigation and drainage network systems; monitoring the implementation of maintenance schedule and irrigation activities and taking appropriate action to correct mistakes and avoid delays.

  • Supervision Project Manager (Structure / Arch.)

    Years of experience +20

  • Supervision Sr. Architect Eng.

    Years of experience +10

  • Supervision Architect Eng.

    Years of experience +6

  • Supervision Landscape Eng.

    Years of experience +10

  • Supervision MEP Eng.

    Years of experience 8 : 11