Renovation of Al Azbakia Garden

Cairo, Egypt

The renovation of Al-Azbakia Garden in Central Cairo is part of the State’s initiative to develop and preserve historic Cairo and national heritage. The original garden was established in mid-1860’s as one of Egypt’s new major botanical gardens with a collection of plants and trees from all over the world in an area over 20 acres. This historic garden is registered among the Islamic and Coptic Antiquities but over time it fell into neglect and lost close to half its space to encroaching urbanization.

The park is strategically located between historic and modern Cairo, first founded by Khedive Ismail in the 19th century with distinctive French and European architectural design. The garden location is easily accessible by transportation, adjacent to a wide multitude of markets, and varied cultural and artistic venues.

Sites International designs and master plan are to revive the garden’s value in the city’s socio-urban and cultural role. It includes urban plan and design, infrastructure improvements, landscape architecture, garden design and architectural solutions including the preservation, restoration and re-construction of historical elements and structures.

The renovations will turn the garden into a welcoming and accessible space for all, featuring a promenade along the re-established lake and newly designed garden incorporating the remaining historical plants and trees, newly refurbished walkways and seating areas for pedestrians, musical performance revival under the re-constructed Pergola and a new location for hosting festivity celebrations. New food outlets and amenities, capturing the spirit of 19th century architectural design, are built to meet visitors’ needs.

Al-Azbakia Garden can now reclaim part of its history and once more be a vibrant cultural-musical attraction point to Cairenes.


Cairo, Egypt
Ministry of Housing - Development Research & Studies Organization
15 Acres
Parks & Recreation
Landscape Arch.
Master Planning
Project Management / Site Supervision
Urban Planning


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