New Giza Medi-Town Health Park and Hospital

Km 22 Cairo Alex Road, Cairo, Egypt

Medi-Town Health Park and Hospital is located in the city of New Giza, a new mixed-use development that brings together residential dwellings, commercial, and educational entities in one self-contained area.

Sites International is commissioned to revise the master plan for Medi-Town Health Park, develop and implement landscape design for the 10 acre hospital area, and to coordinate between international and local consultants and all trades.

The revised master plan intends to develop a fully integrated medical community to be recognized for its first rate patient care. The community hosts the primary anchor of New Giza Hospital, centers of excellence, clinics, rehab, and elderly care hubs coupled with residential units for retirees. The revised master plan arranges these uses to facilitate medical practice, orient visitors, and foster interaction within a serene setting for its residents and visitors alike.

The Hospital works in tandem with New Giza University educational mission by providing 100 beds, of its current 300 capacity, for their students. The landscape design for hospital area is cognizant of nature’s role in the healing process as evident in open space designs that give attentive consideration to the residing senior citizens’ special needs. The open space includes arrival courts, garden parks, walks, and courtyards encircled in a rainbow of color and texture.  The rolling and steep topography of the area is focused on enhancing the overall beauty and tranquility while decreasing noise pollution from the nearby major arterial roads.  Sustainable design principles of building orientation and massing, landscaping, and energy conservation reinforce the healing goals of the Health Park.


Km 22 Cairo Alex Road, Cairo, Egypt
New Giza for Basic Infrastructure and Educational Services
45 Acres
Commercial / Mixed Use
Landscape Arch.
Master Planning


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