Renovation of Opera Square

Cairo, Egypt

Renovating Khedivial Cairo, historically constructed by Khedive Ismail in the 19th century, is a primary government initiative to preserve and revive historic and national heritage. The renovation plan includes historical buildings with special architectural heritage in down town Cairo and primary squares within the area. Opera Square is one of the designated squares.

Opera square sits at the threshold of the modern Cairo. In 1869 a uniquely designed Opera house, by outstanding Italian architects Avoscani and Rossi, was inaugurated in the presence of European nobility and other dignitaries from all over the world. The opera house emulated La Scala Teatro in its architectural design. Opera Square with the equestrian statue of Ibrahim Pasha at its center and the Al-Azbakia gardens, paved the way to its gates. Sadly, in 1971 the Opera house was consumed in flames with the square missing its iconic partner.

Sites International urban plan and landscape architecture design affirm the transformations adhere to the larger framework for the development of Khedivial Cairo. The designs raise public space efficiency, highlight the square’s identity as one of Egypt’s important squares and part of the city’s memory. The visual image of the square is transfigured to maximize its architectural character by maintaining and restoring the facades of the distinctive buildings overlooking it.

The Opera square, upon completion, will be an artistic piece of homogeneous heritage depicting the image of Egypt throughout history, including the modern era.


Cairo, Egypt
Ministry of Housing - Development Research & Studies Organization
4 Acres
Parks & Recreation
Landscape Arch.
Urban Planning


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