Pyramids Heights – Orion Business Park

6th October City, Pyramids Heights, Egypt

Pyramids Heights Park is a large office development located in 6th October city.

The landscape design objective, from schematic to construction documents, is to transform the heart of the project from being a large asphalt road and unplanned parking areas with different identities into one continuous and homogeneous lush garden with elegant and harmonious paving designs to draw pedestrian traffic from the office building blocks. Masses of palm trees, shade trees, and groundcovers create a lush green sanctuary along the primary wide road. The linear green spine is connected to green courtyards, adjacent to existing buildings, filled with pedestrian seats and benches underneath shading trees with water features and flowering shrubs. Close by are the kiosks and pergolas for food and beverage sales with shaded seating areas within sight of the park’s watering features.


6th October City, Pyramids Heights, Egypt
Samcrete Egypt
30 acres
Commercial / Mixed Use
Parks & Recreation
Landscape Arch.


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