Madinaty – Entrance, Central Park, Golf Course

New Cairo, Egypt

Madinaty is a new satellite city developed to relieve the congested center of Cairo. It is envisioned as a fully functional city with all the cultural, educational, health, recreation and religious activities to meet the needs of over 600,000 expected residents.

Madinaty offers an array of residential living opportunities that create their own sense of place and community. Sites International turned to reality the master plan concept for the Main Gate and its surrounding open space, the Golf Course, and the Central Park.

The spirit of this vibrant city is embodied in the magnificently imposing main gate with a breath taking and centrally located fountain.  The water features, initiated with the entry way fountain, continue in different forms beyond the archway with cascading waterfalls leading visitors into the oasis like setting of the project’s spectacular landscape.

Madinaty Central Park, home to the community center, tea house and associated service buildings, offers an array of specialized gardens ranging from succulent to maize and scent gardens all within sight of the children’s playground and water garden. The gardens are strategically intermixed with lush open greenery and grass dunes all demonstrating the compatibility of planting materials with local environmental conditions. At the other end of the project is the lush greenery of 18-hole golf course with its ponds, bridges and sand dunes, offering a spectacular backdrop for the clusters of exclusive villas surrounding it.


New Cairo, Egypt
Talaat Moustafa Group Holding (TMGH)
Parks & Recreation
Residential & New Communities
Landscape Arch.
Project Management / Site Supervision


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