Sites International Represents Egypt in the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit in Dubai.

The conference aimed to create a platform where actors in the landscape sector can exchange knowledge by learning best practice strategies and acquiring information about landscape projects worldwide.

Nathan Buys, Head of Royal Facilities, Engineer’s Office, marvels at the amount of information shared during the presentations. He says the conference is “the best place to get all this kind of information [landscape] within a day”.

The event gathered the most prominent representatives working in the field of landscape architecture and landscape design. Dr. Maher Stino, the founder of Sites International, is an invited speaker who gave a presentation about Sustainable Landscape Architecture in the Middle East.

The presentation showed a detailed review of sustainable landscape techniques Sites International utilizes in many of their projects.These projects include Al- Azhar Park and the Nubian Museum among others.

Dr. Stino was pleased by the audience turnout and their willingness to learn. “They asked several interesting questions about my presentation which launched an invigorating discussion,” commented Dr. Stino.

Sites International has been in business for 30 years designing and implementing sustainable urban areas. Two of their primary interests are preserving Egypt’s heritage sites and enhancing Egypt’s local resources. In many of their projects, the firm utilizes materials and services that are locally produced to boost the local economy.