New Aswan Touristic Strip Implementation

Sites International, spearheaded by Dr. Maher, met in February 2018 with heads of the New Urban Communities Authority and the New Aswan Development Authority to discuss the latest developments in the implementation of the initial phase, 183 acres, containing residential, hospitality, entertainments, commercial, and the distinct Nile park allocated 20 acres at this stage.

The strong, clear master plan enabled the project to quickly progress from a conceptual idea into detailed design and construction. Site development began over a year ago after the team created the initial sketches. The site possesses breath taking views of green farm lands contrasted with amber desert and granite rocks while the spectacular Nile can be seen from elevations reaching 20 meters at the residential and commercial areas.  The Nile park is a planting sustainability model and a first in Aswan governorate in terms of size, 138 acres with a length of 6 km.  Authenticity is the  driving force behind Sites International approach to design generating  a perfect union between the new built milieu and this historic city’s culture, heritage and environment.