Dr. Laila ElMasry delivered a presentation titled Landscape Architecture in Egypt: Landscape Architecture and the planting design of Al-Azhar Park

Dr. Laila ElMasry, founder/principal of Sites International, was invited to the German University in Cairo on October 31, 2016, to share her experience about the landscape profession in Egypt. Dr. ElMasry’s presentation highlights her publication Landscape Architecture and the Planting Design of Al-Azhar Park and how it is a continuation of her ongoing work.

The lecture started by providing a background of the Landscape Architecture profession in Egypt; how is started and where it stands today. Dr. ElMasry explained her background, knowledge and experience delineating how she utilized it practice and in-terms redefining the concept of Landscape Architecture. The presentation highlights the levels and scales of the professional practice of Environmental Planning, Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture. It evaluates the current practice of   landscape architecture in Egypt stressing the tasks and duties of a landscape architect, then delves into further detail about the works and projects of Sites International. Each project carried out by the firm is an exemplary case study mapping out landscape architecture solutions within the Egyptian context.

Dr. ElMarsy focused on Al-Azhar Park, explaining the process, stages, and challenges and how the project reached sustainability. Her two volume publication garnered audience attention, appreciating its value to the landscape architecture profession in Egypt. The first volume discusses Al-Azhar park project, context, design, challenges and results; and offering a valuable practical case study for students to observe and follow. The second volume is an encyclopedia of the plants used in Al-Azhar Park and in Cairo reaching over 300 species, a first in Egypt.

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