New Giza Residential and Golf Course

Km 22 Cairo Alex Road, Cairo, Egypt

NEWGIZA, with an impressive vistas of the Pyramids of Giza and the city beyond, is a pioneering integrated residential and commercial community featuring state-of-the art educational, sporting, healthcare, business, and entertainment facilities.   

Sites International is the Landscape Architectural firm for several segments of the residential area,1500 acres, that include district one neighborhood, golf course water features, buffer zone between golf course and residential districts, and the development’s primary park.

Each residential district has its own unique identity with district one enjoying a contemporary design that captures the best and most popular of current trends. The project site spreads over three land elevations with spectacular view options of the Pyramids, lake, golf course, or the 9 acre primary park situated in the center of district one. Area residents, and visitors alike, benefit from a network of public greenways, comfortable pedestrian amenities, walking trails, and open spaces with dramatic palettes of plantings all within a landscape plan that establishes an adaptable attitude to sustainability.

The impressive 18 hole golf course is the center piece for all the surrounding communities with its majestic water features and large lake. The open space of over 40 acres encompassing the golf course, offers a landscape design sensitive to the surrounding nine neighborhood distinct identities with its captivating shading options and rolling green hills supplementing the area’s overall splendor. Site International manages, as well, site supervision for district one and two of the development.


Km 22 Cairo Alex Road, Cairo, Egypt
New Giza Real Estate Development Co.
Residential & New Communities
Landscape Arch.
Project Management / Site Supervision


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