German School

New Cairo, Egypt

The German School is located in Mivida, a new development in New Cairo built on a 3.5 million m2 close to the American University New Campus. The project contains single and multiple-family residential units of various standards, healthcare facilities, hotels and other supporting services.

The School aims to be one of the best high quality education areas for New and Greater Cairo and is expected to serve K1 to K12 grade students within sustainable landscape environment. Sites International commissioned for landscape, works closely with other international consulting firms to expand and realize the original landscape vision for all open spaces ranging from the main entrance, plazas, and courtyards to recreation facilities and parking lots. The landscape design, complemented with paving layouts, aims to create a unique identity for each area that is welcoming for students. Playgrounds and courtyards design blends with the architectural design that wraps around them to provide an extension to classroom and group learning.

To meet landscape sustainability requirement, the planting design strategy uses a combination of native and native adaptive plants, mass planting around building edges and architecture features, and plant soil enhanced with a water retention product to further reduce water consumption to the minimum.


New Cairo, Egypt
Engineering House of Expertise (EGEC)
20,000 meters sq
Landscape Arch.


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