City Gate

New Cairo, Egypt

City Gate is a mixed use community of approximately 8.5 million m2 located about 40 kilometers east of downtown Cairo along the eastern boundary of New Cairo City.

Sites International is commissioned to design the landscape, from concept to tender documents, for two primary villa districts, one apartment buildings cluster, and the Civic Park all released in the first phase of the development. The difficult site topography of the first two districts required major landscape design modifications, with particular attention to specialty designs as site enabling and setting out packages as well as security systems, to enhance dramatically the number of villas with access views of the golf course and the Civic Park.

The Civic Park features a large water pond located within gardens and plaza spaces creating a ceremonial and signature arrival into the community. Each neighborhood displays multiple pocket parks with their streets wrapped in shade trees, vividly colored groundcover, flowering shrubs, seating areas, playgrounds, open turf for informal play areas all crisscrossed with pedestrian paths and crossings creating a pedestrian haven. Networks of paths provide various accessibility loops to the Civic Park, open space systems, or to the adjacent community centers.  Most powerful will be the landscape and streetscape design of ‘City Gate Avenue’ where model villas are displayed.

Sites International is engaged for designing the architecture, concept to tender documents, for the three districts community centers that include both retail and service units and for their ancillary buildings. The landscape and architecture plans for the project establishes a firm and adaptable attitude to sustainability at all levels.


New Cairo, Egypt
Bawabet Al Sharq New Cairo for Real Estate Investment (Developer: Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Co.
1 Million m2
Residential & New Communities
Landscape Arch.


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