Ashgar City Residential

6th October City, Egypt

Ashgar City is an exclusive fully sufficient residential compound that provides a sustainable model of growth.

It offers a superb response to the Egyptian government’s strategy towards providing needed housing for the middle-income category, contributing to the redistribution of inhabitants from the narrow strip of the Nile valley and extending the urban spine to the desert and remote areas. Ashgar City is located in 6th of October City on a 500 acre property within view of the Great Pyramids of Giza and is expected to offer over 14,000 apartment units upon completion.

Sites International is currently working on the first phase of the project on 148 acres with responsibility for architecture, landscape architecture, engineering design, site supervision in addition to all roads and infra-structural networks. This phase includes 4,300 residential units from 80 to140 m2 area, commercial and administrative buildings, schools, hospital, sports club and all service buildings and outdoor spaces to serve the compound needs and activities. Ashgar City offers its residents a close-knit community set in a noise and pollution free environment where pedestrian walkways closely bind the varied building clusters that access open green spaces for relaxation and leisurely enjoyment.


6th October City, Egypt
ORASCOM Housing and Urban Development
Residential & New Communities
Landscape Arch.
Project Management / Site Supervision


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