Al Burouj City

Cairo Ismalia Roadway, Egypt

Al burouj is a new residential community offering a wide gamut of activities including commercial, business, educational, entertainment and cultural. It is located by the Cairo Ismalia Road approximately 25 km east of Cairo Ring Road.

Sites International’s  landscape master plan envisioned a residential community thriving with substantial parks and green networks  to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere.  The community’s central park, home to recreational and entertainment activities, flawlessly  interconnects with  all inner gardens to create  extended safe pedestrian trails and venues.  The landscape design, for the community and buffer zones along major roads, aims to create seamless integration between the natural settings and the development’s structures.

The 70 acres central park is designed to extend through neighborhoods main axis to offer a diversity of smaller themed parks set around various recreational activities where softscape, accented with furniture vocabularies and lighting, identify locations.  These inner parks design offers an array of options, aqua phonic and herbal gardens, aromatic orchard of fruit trees, and a vegetable growing plot for residents to cultivate. For the active oriented residents and their families the selection presents an edutainment and adventure parks, bicycle and walk trails, and a children’s camping area. A spectacular wind mill adorns a central location for participants and residents delight.  A canopy of palms surrounded by colorful botanical species are at the waterways where visitors enjoy the lake’s cooling breeze whereas green open lawns encourage residential interactions and chances for reflection and immersion with the landscape. The new community is a manifestation of a healthy life style where urban living is in touch with nature and health promoting sport activities.


Cairo Ismalia Roadway, Egypt
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