Marassi – Sidi Abdel Rahman Resort Community

North Coast, Egypt

Marassi is located along the Mediterranean North Coast of El Alamein and overlooks the turquoise waters of Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, one of the most beautiful bays on the North Coast.

The project aims is to develop a world–class, multi–season resort community targeted towards national and international clientele and built in the architectural styles of the Mediterranean against a backdrop of pristine beaches, lush greenery and meandering waterways and lagoons.

Sites International provided detailed landscape architecture design and detailed master planning for several villages that integrate landscaping materials and methods to promote water conservation, rain–water capture and on–site use, heavy use of native species, and low–toxicity maintenance, all guaranteed with a newly revised overall irrigation and fertilization system for the resort. The development is pedestrian oriented and is comprised of building clusters that create distinct regions or villages. Sites international work scope covered detailed landscape architecture for the villages, each with its own unique relationship to the landscape and the Mediterranean Sea, village parks and plazas, and lagoon walkways. Landscape design for the villages includes transitional levels and spaces and a rich network of alleyways, pools, and playgrounds. Great attention is given to the finer details of each village to enhance the character of outdoor living and amplify the style difference between them.

Most spectacular is the major lagoon promenade for the residential areas, 3 kilometers long, that is part of an intricate network of waterways. It includes various edge treatments for watercraft stops, access to adjacent areas, and swimming locations. The promenade has pedestrian and bike paths traveling the entire length crossing with special paving accentuating the promenade’s transitional areas and strategically placed screening treatments to maximize water views and maintaining adjacent villas privacy.
The project, upon completion, will be a stunning blend of natural beauty with spectacular landscape architecture design set in a luxurious living environment.


North Coast, Egypt
Emaar Misr for Development
1,544 acres
Residential & New Communities
Landscape Arch.
Master Planning


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