Al-Azhar Park

Cairo, Egypt

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture appointed Sites International as the lead consultant to develop and design the final master plan, landscape architecture, selected architecture and site supervision/project management of Al Azhar Park.

The 74-acre site is uniquely situated amidst the splendor of Old Cairo, atop a 500 year old landfill and is defined along its western boundary by the 800 year old Ayyubid wall. The design theme is derived from the contextual Islamic heritage of Old Cairo and the design intent is to provide green open space for the densely populated city.
The master plan centers on a major pedestrian spine that extends north-south, linking the topographically-varied landscape elements of the Park.
Furniture and lighting fixtures were custom designed by Sites International, using local artisans from a nearby quarry district.
Al Azhar Park, now a Cairo landmark, was instrumental in the development of environmental awareness and a better understanding of the profession of landscape architecture in Egypt.
The Park’s diverse planting material is a valuable educational resource for botany and horticulture students. Throughout the design process, Sites International was mindful of sustainable design issues.
Native and adaptive trees and shrubs were used to provide shade and heat relief and the irrigation system uses raw water from the Nile.
Al Azhar Park transformed one of the poorest, most populous and historically rich parts of Cairo into a sustainable open space, stimulated social and economic development and generated revenues exceeding operational and maintenance costs.


Cairo, Egypt
The Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC)
Edutainment / Culture
Parks & Recreation
Landscape Arch.
Master Planning
Project Management / Site Supervision
Urban Planning


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